Mary Wandia
Former End FGM Program Manager, Equality Now
In The Name Of Your Daughter will no doubt be an inspiring, compelling and important documentary that will help raise awareness about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM,) a human rights violation deeply rooted in gender inequality and discrimination.
Rhobi Samwelly
Human Rights Activist, FGM Survivor, Director, Hope Center, Tanzania
My dream is to save girls from being cut, and I will never stop until FGM is history in my community. This film is very very important because it will help raise awareness not just in our community, but in the district and even in other countries that are receiving African people who have the same tradition of cutting. It may help make our people change. It will also give our girls a voice, people will be able to hear the children, because they’ve never been heard before.
Marie Natanson
Former Executive Producer, CBC Documentaries, Toronto, Canada
Giselle Portenier is one of the most outstanding filmmakers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a passion for human rights and social justice and brings those stories to the screen with the utmost sensitivity and artistry. She helps her subjects speak for themselves....even about the unspeakable.
Karen Musalo
Professor, Director of the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, University of California Hastings, and attorney for Fauziya Kassindja, whose case established the legal landmark in the United States that fear of FGC was the basis for refugee protection
The documentary dispels the myth that FGC is accepted – and even desired – by the girls on whom it is inflicted, and by giving these girls a voice, In the Name of Your Daughter will make a monumental contribution to the struggle for women’s human rights.
Flora Terah-Igoki
Canadian/Kenyan Human Rights Activist, President, The Wanawake Foundation, East Africa
In my own estimation, Giselle's film In The Name Of Your Daughter will be a huge contribution in the fight against FGM and forced child marriage.
Fiona Stourton
Creative Director, TV and Radio , Zinc Media , responsible for the award winning factual production companies – Blakeway Productions. Brook Lapping and Films of Record.
Giselle Portenier is a multi award winning film director who has specialized in stories of human rights abuses. From our time working together at the BBC, l know that many of her films were responsible for changing things. Her ability to shine a light in dark corners of the world and raise awareness has succeeded in making a difference for the better – changing attitudes and laws.
A Canadian Survivor of FGM, Cranbrook, B.C.
It was the worst experience ever. No girl should ever have to go through that horror. These are our lives and the children's voices need to be heard and respected. I believe this film will help give our children that voice.
Ewa Ewart
Host of the Ewa Ewart Recommends Documentary Series, TVN24, Warsaw, Poland
Giselle Portenier is one of the best documentary filmmakers I've had the privilege and pleasure to work alongside during our many years at the BBC. Some of the most important awards in our industry, which she has won many times, testify to her talents and skills as an accomplished director and producer.
Raheel Raza
Human Rights Activist President, Council For Muslims Facing Tomorrow and Founding Member, Muslim Reform Movement.
As a human rights activist, I fully support the work being done by Portenier and thank her for bringing critical issues to the forefront without worrying about being politically correct. Her work is imperative to the battle for women’s human rights globally.
Julian Marcus
Chair, Overseas Development Trust, Tanzanian Development Trust, funder of the Tanzanian Safe House
We are aware of Giselle’s superb record of documentary film-making and are entirely confident that she has the tact, skills, expertise and knowledge to gain the confidence of the girls and to produce an honest and strong documentary that will help in the campaign against FGM and support Rhobi and her team.
Marci Bowers, MD
Gynecologist and Reconstructive FGM surgeon, San Mateo, California
By helping to crowd fund this project, you help to tell this story. By telling this story, you too are helping to bring an end to FGM in our lifetimes.
Peter Gill
Journalist, Africa Specialist, author of “Today We Drop Bombs, Tomorrow We Build Bridges”
Giselle Portenier is the most ambitious television producer and director I have worked with. Once she sets her sights on the story, nothing deflects her. She is courageous in getting to places and people and in deploying the techniques of her craft to tell the story at its strongest.
Beth New
North Carolina, who adopted a girl from India after seeing a documentary made by Giselle Portenier about the plight of India’s girl children.
Giselle has been a tireless advocate for so many in her career and anytime you question whether or not a difference is being made just know that we are that difference. Leah is that difference. You can help make that difference.