In The Name Of Your Daughter is the inspiring coming-of-age story of the most courageous girls in the world, children in Northern Tanzania who are risking their lives to defy their destiny and follow their dreams. These girls, some as young as eight, are running away from home, leaving everything and everyone they love behind to save themselves from female genital mutilation and avoid being sold off into a child marriage.

And it’s the story of one of Africa’s most charismatic women, Rhobi Samwelly, a brave local hero who confronts her community and protects the girls in her Safe House.

Little by little, Mama Rhobi helps the young runaways find their voice.

In The Name Of Your Daughter is currently in the early stages of editing, and we are raising money to complete the film for delivery at the end of 2017.<.em>

Defying Destiny Films Inc.