• RHOBI SAMWELLY Human Rights Activist, FGM…

    My dream is to save girls from being cut, and I will never stop until FGM is history in my community. This film is very very important because it will help raise awareness not just in our community...

    F.M. A Canadian Survivor of…

    It was the worst experience ever. No girl should ever have to go through that horror. These are our lives and the children's voices need to be heard and respected. I believe this film will help give our children that voice.

  • Jessica Neuwirth Donor Direct Action, U.S.A.

    Giselle Portenier's beautiful film portrays the heart-breaking challenges faced by so many millions of girls around the world who are at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage.

    Sarah Pilkington Teacher, St. Joseph’s Catholic…

    In the Name of Your Daughter is, quite simply, essential viewing for teenagers all over the world. And if we are lucky they will someday play some role in ensuring this deadly practice is stopped.

  • Filippa Olrik, 13

    The movie “In the name of your daughter” is not just any other movie! It was a complete train wreck of a heartbreaking documentary! It touched me in ways not many movies do. I was inspired by the bravery of the girls and how different their lifestyle is compared to ours here in Denmark.

    Regitze Steenberg, 14

    In the name of your daughter’ was incredibly moving. I would call it life-changing. It’s a film that puts everything into perspective, we are all so privileged to live a life like ours, compared to the girls fighting against FGM.

  • Maxim Shinkarev, 14

    The film has really changed my mind and opened my eyes. Without this documentary I would never know how much danger the girls in some parts of Africa are facing and how tough it is for them to survive.

Girls' rights are human rights
and human rights are girls' rights